Princes of the Apocalypse Wed Night

Back in Red Larch with the Air Cultist

The odd Air Cultist is slung over the strong shoulder of Rawr and we return to Red Larch.
The Constable takes the prisoner and tells us that a caravan from Mirabar has been taken captive. We should inquire at the Inn for specifics. It is a trade delegation.

Content Not Found: kaylesa introduces to a male elf who may know something. Brother Eardon, of Lathander, God of the Dawn. He saw the delegation in Beliard 20 days ago. They were headed to Summit Hall to conduct a burial, then to go further south. He heard from a passing caravan through Red Larch that the delegation disappeared.

Across the street to the Helm, Rawr investigates a female half-orc who may know something. She heard from wagonmasters at market place.

Wagonmaster heard from travellers that the Mirabaran trade delegation did not arrive at Summit Hall. Someone in the wagonmaster’s crew eyes Yunari and she thinks they might have more information. She knows someone who is in the Harpers and there was a reknown Drawf in the trade delegation who was taking manuscripts to Womford. The Harpers were caring for the transfer of the manuscript, and they are a group interested in watching out for freedoms. They are scattered network of spies and spellcasters who oppose the abuse of power.

If we find something out, send a runner toward Amphail on the information.
Brother Eardon knows a bit about the Harpers. There are plenty of people who support them. They are interested in making sure freedom and equality reign. Eardon knows nothing about the elemental symbols. Kaylesa recommends we check with the tradesmen in town.

We discover that the delegation was 4 and that one of the townsmen saw them recently. He offers to take us to where he last saw them.

Eldron the blacksmith and his wife heard the delegation is missing. She feels life is darkened by such matters. She does not wish to speak on the matter.

At Ironhead Arms, the Half-Orc Ironhead trades with us to purchase our gathered swords. Ironhead heard about the Miribarans were lost and knew the delegation was strong. Nothing else.

At Vallivoes Sundries, we meet Endreth Vallivoe. He sells sundry goods. He heard that one of the Mandever kids saw a ghost near town. About the trade delegation, he saw a merchant come through town that sold him a book written in Dwarvish. We think it might be the Dwarven Emmissary’s manuscript that was being carried along. We buy it!

It is a geneology of the Dwarf Clans of Miribar. The author is recognized by Lanner. It is a Shield Dwarf historian named Bruldenthar. That is the same dwarf who was carrying the manuscripts! Vallivoes bought it from a peddler, who bought it from a keelboat captain in Womford. The captain supposedly had a dozen other manuscripts.

We question the Hurricane: He is a member of the Cult of Howling Hatred. He was going to make us servants to their cult. He knows of the Earth cultists, from the Cult of Black Earth. He will not tell us the cult location, but says the Lady Aerisi would not forgive him. This, even after we threaten him with Rawr sodomy. That means he is really a mental basket case completely indoctrinated by the Hurricanes.



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