Princes of the Apocalypse Wed Night

Bedding Down at Riverguard

It is time to return to Riverguard with the rescued Silverguards taken captive by the Feathergale Knights. The long road home allows us plenty of time to converse and discuss what we will do next. Unfortunately, we do none of that and just quietly return to Riverguard with our loot.

Targrem is pleased, and offers us a free month of the Silverguard’s service. What a bargain! Then Deryll offers to give them 400gp for free to make them happy. I thought they were already happy. Very confusing.

Another night of rest will give Rawrly her full recovery from all of that raging, so we decide to sleep in our own Keep. Taking several posts throughout the Keep, the night takes us to sweet dreams.

Unfortunately, and unknown to us, Baern was infected by the wereboar a full moon ago. Guess how full the moon is tonight? It’s so full that Baern turns into a wereboar himself and decides to attack the Keep. Rawrly does not think that is cool, so starts to stab Baern over and over (but in a nice way). Baern gives up in the face of Rawrly’s commitment to battering him into unconsciousness.

A few days later we have cured all of the wounded potential wearboars and we are ready to get underway with our next adventure. What will that be?



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