Princes of the Apocalypse Wed Night

Down, Down to Air Cultists Town

After a night’s rest we continue into the howling Temple’s lower level by passing through the skeletal mouth of a great wyrm. A quick search of the lower level reveals some charming harpies that invite us to dinner. We accept.

They die quickly. Not before charming us numerous times and making us jump from high places.

We come upon an altar where the leader of the Earth Temple is performing a ritual designed to strengthen his weapon. Taking them to a node on the next lower level is their design. The leaders all worship the Elemental Eye and come down here to make sacrifices. We help sacrifice the Earth Cult leader.

In an adjoining room there is a beautiful Drow sarcophagus. I bet it has some wonderful stuff in it! I con Rawrly into opening it with me, and as expected, there is a wicked trap that nearly does us in until someone realizes the trap is magical and can be dispelled. Just like that, it is dispelled. Let’s see what wonderful things are inside the coffin!

Nothing. Fuck.

Into the next connected chamber we find some of those fire minotaurs. Luring them into a narrow passage, we whittle the four of the creatures down…but at great expense. Then their leader arrives, Zagdar, and we whack him quickly. Inside his chamber there is a coffer with his riches. We liberate him of those goods.

Vannifer is the leader of the Fire Temple. Gar Shatterkeel is the leader of the Water Temple.



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