Princes of the Apocalypse Wed Night

Fane of the Eye

On the lower level we discover the Fane of the Eye. This central cavern joins all of the elemental cults and holds their greater elemental powers below. The cult leaders have been preparing rituals to raise their elemental powers and inflict them upon the surface dwellers.

The fire cult has several Minotaurs we confront in their chambers, as well as their leader. In a heroic battle where we near the end of lives, we lay low the Fire Minotaur leader. Daryll ran to get the nearby protecting Air Myrmadon to come and help us, giving us a compatriot for an hour.

With the Myrmadon in tow for one hour, we continue on into an abandoned rail yard inhabited by Spectres. They offer little resistance.

In the adjoining room we find two Giants, Maul and Karg. They are playing tic-tac-toe and we play several games to gain their trust. Once secured, and at the loss of several gold, we continue past them unharmed.

In the next room there is a sarcophagus of a dwarven hero named Hendrel Foebreaker. His room is near the vertical climb to the Earth cult temple. Having expended our strengths and Rawrly being at her most exhausted, we rest for the night.

We learn the names of the Elemental Powers. Imix (fire), Ogremoch the mountain that walks (earth), Ol-Hydra the dark tide (water). Yan-c-bin (air).



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