Princes of the Apocalypse Wed Night

Fraggle Rock

The Lance Rock

In the town we learn that a nearby rocky location contains a possible cave infested with some creatures threatening the town. Investigating, we located Lance Rock, heretofore dubbed ’Fraggle Rock" and we delve inside. There is a warning that if we come inside, we will be infected.

We ignore that.

Inside we found the Lord of Fraggle Rock and kill his minions.

_Bare grey rock jutting out at 60 degree angle. It is grey granite.

The Lord of Lancerock has a sign warning off visitors who may catch his plague. This is in a nearby ravine.

We enter a cave and find a body, which turns out to be a zombie! We kill it.

There is a large chamber with a flat boulder inside. Two zombies wait in ambush from above and drop a box on us. We avoid!

We then kill the two zombies.

There is a room with amarked rock, stained with dried blood. To the north is a room with old weapons and maybe some target dummies. I investigate. They turn out to be skeletons! We kill 3 skeletons. The armor and weapons are ruined.

We find a craggy room. It has 3 undead dressed as actors. We kill them.

A little further south we find a large room with the Lord of Fraggle Rock and his undead horde. The Lord runs away as we slay his evil minions. I am dropped by a wicked zombie smash to my solar plexus. Then Rawr falls. Uh oh. Willowsmasher runs forward and heals Rawr to keep us fighting. Then slashes a whole group of undead as if he is a frontline fighter.

Olioth, the Lord of Fraggle Rock, hides in a room with a large hand that has an inverted ziggurat and an eye on it. He says it is watching us, but we do not see anything. We see him hiding, so we kill him. We steal his stuff and discover new abilities (level up)._



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