Princes of the Apocalypse Wed Night

Inside the Howling Temple!

Oh those silly Air Cultists!

Who starves their cult members and then expects them to stand in front of the PC train? Arrise, that’s who! The leader of the Howling Temple did not think this through…

inside there are some Kenku that have been lulled into believing that being part of the Air Cult. Rawrly demonstrates their poor life choices quickly. She cuts through them like they are made of wind. Catch that?

After clearing the bird creatures guarding the outer sanctum, the party comes upon an interior pyramid with a Wyvern guard watching the approaches to the structure. Look! The Wyvern has a mounted knight. I want to wave him down, but everyone else is interested in a Djinni digging a tunnel nearby. I’m not going near that thing because they eat your eyebrows…or so I am told.

Deryll steps forward to talk to the air-master and discovers that he has been bound to service by the howling Temple’s leader Arrise using a mystical horn. I suddenly REALLY want that horn. Imagine how useful a Djinni would be!

The ancient elemental is a little miffed at being bound to the Howling Temple as its personal escavator, so he tells us that we might get past the Wyvern guard if we simply pretend to be groveling air cultists. Acting is my speciality.

The stupid knight must have been sitting on his brains too long because he lets us pass after only a little groveling. I was prepared to really lay it on thick. What a waste.

Once inside, we find Arrise almost immediately, with that wonderful horn hanging behind her. I am definitely getting that horn unless someone in the party casts shatter on it before I get there. Oh yes. That happened.

All that is left is to kill her. For some reason that is very easy to do. Air cultists are wussies.

It is not long before we clear the rest of the Howling Temple of air cultists. They really fall apart without their leader. In a matter of several rounds, we confront the remaining cultists and slaughter them. Now it is time for the loot!

Looting turns out to be the hard part. There is an Umber Hulk that all but gets me in its belly. Then a bunch pf paralyzing ghouls. Also, the dice bot only goes up to 7 for the remainder of this adventure! Against all odds, and specifically the dice bot, we kill all of the creatures and start to loot the bodies.

There’s a little bit of stuff. Enough to pay the Riverguard Keep mercenaries for a week. This adventuring is clearly not a “for profit” activity.



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