Princes of the Apocalypse Wed Night

Investigating the Wagonworks

“The workshop is a cluttered, untidy shed surrounded by dozens of wagons shrouded in worn canvas tarpaulins. A crudely hand-lettered sign over the wide main door proclaims this to be “Waelvurs Wagonworks.”

We sneak up to view the tunnel. I have some challenges upon losing the rest of the party as they hide, causing me to become anxious and paranoid.

Lanner suddenly sprouts a weasel. That makes everyone uncomfortable. The critter has an odd attitude as well. I’ll probably kill it later, as it is likely possessed.

There is a cellar door that is closed with stuff stacked on it. We are close to it. So we use Rawr as a catapult to help us into the yard.

Rawr opens the cellar door with a creak. There are steps into the earth. We enter the Tomb of Moving Stones!



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