Princes of the Apocalypse Wed Night

Malice of the Bargewright Inn

We travel to the Bargewright Inn via river to speak with Malice, one of the Zhentarim and a friend of Targrem’s. He has some tasks for us to accomplish in exchange for information about the cults (and money). in exchange for taking a longsword to Yartar, he will arrange a 1/2 price employment of the masons working on Riverguard Keep.


We pick up a few supplies and start out via road to Red Larch with the intent to communicate with Darryl;s mentor there. Following that, we will travel the Larch Path to investigate the druids at Sacred Moon Hall. Then we will meet our boat captain at The Stone Bridge.

Out in the wilderness we encounter some Sky Weavers! Looks like we did not kill all of them. More XP for us!



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