Princes of the Apocalypse Wed Night

On the road to the Air Cultists!

Following a VERY brief rest, we return to the underground river and the locked gate leading to the (Feathergale Society) Temple of the Howling Hatred. It might have been a good idea to enter from the surface, where we befriended the Feathergale Knights and might enter as compatriots. But we don’t. We like a challenge. So we enter from the lower dungeon level.

The Temple is of the ancient dwarven construction, similar to the other underground cultist areas. The hallways are large here, likely to allow for some winged creatures to roam. In the first room there are some gaunt humanoids resting. We help them rest longer.

Nearby we hear loud grinding coming from a room with great spindles set into the floor. Commoners turn the spindle by leaning upon its spokes and circling the center pedestal. Two Wind Priests watch from nearby. Rawrly determines they must die, and charges to attack. It is not long before they agree to comply.



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