Princes of the Apocalypse Wed Night

On the Trail of the Delegation from Mirabar

On the morning of the 6th day of Mirtul, in the year of Old Shire Reckoning 1489, we took to the Cairn Road east and ventured off the road to investigate the shallow graves that Larmen told us exist in a green vale. There are four freshly dugged graves with soil nearby. The graves are marked with stones.

The four immportant people in the Mirabaran Delegation were a dwarf historian named Bruldenthar, a diplomat Moon Elf from Silverymoon, another Shield Dwarf from Miribar and a Human Noble of Waterdeep (last name Majarra).

Yunari opens a grave and finds an artisan dwarf wearing the colors of Miribar. Perhaps a dwarven smith. There are arrow wounds that appear to be the cause of death. We find a female human warrior dressed with black axe clothing and same symbol marked on her arm. Next is a human warrior with stoney armor like the Dark Earth priests. Finally male human in white robe with feathers that has been bludgeoned to death.

There is a confused collection of tracks that indicate the battle may have happened nearby. We find a tattered grey robe, not of one of the four who were buried. To the north is a tower circled by birds. The shephard says it is Feather Gale Spire where hippogriff riders from Waterdeep visit.

It is with little discourse that we decide to travel to the Tower and see if we can learn something valuable concerning the inhabitants. Perhaps they wear grey robes or witnessed some battle involving the fallen Miribarans and decided to bury them. There is a canyon that runs the valley and a drawbridge goes from the canyon edge to the tower. The base of the tower does not appear to have an entry.

Above the tower there are giant vultures circling with white-robed riders similar to one of the dead we found. They are not hippogriffs, which are the usual winged creatures visiting the tower. We warily investigate, allowing Willowsmasher to change into the animal form of a mouse. He scurries to the lower level and finds several stall doors with hippogriffs in the stables.

We ring the Tower bell. A woman from within invites us to enter the tower and speak to the Commander, who may know something about the neaby skirmish. Her name is Savrah. There are two there as well. Savrah takes us to the tower pinnacle to meet the Commander. They did not note the fight, and they are not missing one of the white-robed members of the tower. We spend the evening with the Knights.

While having dinner the riders burst in and announce that a Manticore is on the run. A prize to the one who brings the head of the creature to the Commander. He holds aloft a feather-inscribed ring. We go to the pinnacle and get on hippogriffs to ride and intercept the Manticore.

Rawr kills it.

The Commander knows the location of the Earth Cultists. He commissions us to investigate and possibly attack the cultists. That seems like a good idea, and it hardly distracts us at all from our primary objective of investigating the Delegation from Mirabar…



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