Princes of the Apocalypse Wed Night

Return To Red LArch

We travel south out of Rivergard to meet up with our Dwarven benefactor Bruthendar at the Swinging Sword Inn. We arrive at night and meet Kay Lessa the innkeeper.
We recovered some books from the Sacred Stone Monestary and Rivergard. There are 12 books at 25gp each to pass to him. That night, we gather our money and thoughts.

Bruthendar tells us about some of what is going on in the area. About 600 years ago, the Knights of the Silver Horn built a series of forts around the valley (Rivergard, Feather Keep, Sacred Stone Monestary). They were built upon older structures, possibly upon the Dwarven Kingdom of Besseldur.

Bruthendar does not know where the Fire Cultists reside. But he thinks there might be someone around town who knows. The plan, then, is to squeeze the town for info before we send Rawrly into combat at the Sacred Stone Monestary!

A quick visit this evening to the Helm at Highsun. Garland, the proprietor, is pleased to see us alive. We are told to ask at Thelorn’s Safe Journey’s tomorrow. The locals are most concerned with the strange weather and the local barbarian tribes (the Ghost Tribe) from the far eastern side of the valley in the High Forest. Mostly human barbarians, who are known by Halea at the Bath House in town.

The brewmaster Justrin gives us a free round. I pass mine to Rawrly to test it, and sure enough, it be poisoned. Justrin is probably going to not like the results. We check the cellar, but he is not there.

Justrin has a home in town, and we also search the streets to find him. He is at his home in travel gear, getting ready to escape into the night. Foolishly, he chooses to confront and not to retreat. In a matter of 6 seconds we render him unconscious so that Rawrly can interrogate him.

Justrin has some letters that match the writing found in Rivergard Keep, that describe the comings and goings of townsfolk and our party. He is the snitch sending info to Gar Shatterkeel through Joliver Grimjaw at Rivergard. From goods in his house, it appears that Justrin was a mercenary living in Red Larch and became involved in the Cult of the Crushing Wave (water cultists).

Deryll finds the poison recipe that was written by another and given to Justrin. Justrin wakes and we begin letting him know we killed Joliver and took Rivergard. We trick him into divulging that Gar Shatterkeel is below Rivergard in the Temple of the Crocheted Wave.

We sleep the night, a restful sleep now that we know our spy in Red Larch is revealed. The next day, we gather goods and head back to Rivergard to see if Gar has surfaced. We get horses at Thelorn’s and learn that an Omnion merchant came through with an object that had a strange bowl shaped symbol (bottom right of Red Larch map is fire). This merchant was going to a gathering of Scarlet Moon Druids in the Sumber Hills. It is a regular event and they may be found at any time.

Willowsmasher heads to contact Haeleeyas at The Bath House to learn what he can of the Ghost Tribe Barbarians. The sign is peculiar as the two central "e"s are in green.
Rumor: Alifar, Deryll’s mentor, has been disappeared on the way to the High Forest! He was headed to Shadowtop Cathedral, a base for the Emerald Enclave.
Be good to the Tree Ghost Tribe, They are friendly with the Emerald Enclave.



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