Princes of the Apocalypse Wed Night

Return to Riverguard

Rawrly is a bit worried about Riverguard. We return to the keep to find Targrim just cleaning up from a battle with the Feathergale Knights. Five of the Silver Guards were slain or taken away as prisoners. It appears as though it is time to waste those fake knights.

After some rest, we travel back through the underground passages to the Air Cult’s temple, only to find that it opens on to the Valley leading up to Feathergale Spire. We could have enjoyed the sunshine.

Stealthily, we open one of the lower Griffon stalls to find it inhabited with what? A griffon. Having to kill such a magnificent best is a shame, but we take some consolation that we will soon be the masters of 11 other griffons. Right after we kill the Feathergale Knight watching the barn…



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