Princes of the Apocalypse Wed Night

Rivergard Runs Dry

We arrive at the Rivergard Keep, where those wet bastards live protected behind their gates and iron bars. Sneaking in a window, I create havok and allow the rest of the party the opportunity to bluff the guards into opening the gates and iron bars. So much for protection.
“What’s the first rule of owning a Keep?”

That’s right. Never open the door.

Sweeping through the compound, we slay everyone in a matter of minutes. Unknown to us, some of the watery slime hide themselves and others escape out of the harbor in the large ship.

That seems of little concern to the new owners of Rivergard.

It’s not long before the Crushing Wave Reavers feel their oats rising and they attempt to kill us as we are cleaning he Keep of vermin. It turns out we cannot tell them from vermin, and they are exterminated.

Now it is time to sleep and enjoy the spoils of our war!

Tollard visits from the river. He trades food with us, then departs.

We sent the old cooks to Womford to gather a force of guards to man the Rivergard while we are on our travels. We negotiate a price with them and they depart, but not after we have to kill one of them that has been eyeing the bag of gold with a twisted demeanor.

In the evening, something swims under the chains and into the Keep’s Harbor. A squirrel from the surrounding woodlands comes to me and tells me there is something in the water. How strange. I want to kill and eat the squirrel, but maybe it has a point.

The initiative tracker starts, so there must be something to this squirrel’s warning! “Into battle!”

Merrow, obviously the stooges of the old water cultists, try to attack by sneaking ashore. I raise the alarm and the fighting lasts a short time as the Merrow discover they are not ready for a land battle (in central Asia). They die.

The Silver-greaves, led by Targen, return and take control of the Keep for us. We prepare to depart for Red Larch to return the tomes to our Dwarven compatriot.



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