Alrian Wohaine [Deceased]

A ribbon-dancing high elf pugilist bringing culture to the lesser races




Alrian is one of the few remaining practitioners of the ancient high-elven art of Ribbon Dancing. This martial form of dancing involves a bladed ribbon and is considered by a select few (and especially by Alrian) as one of the highest forms of art in the world.

Alrian hopes to revive the fortunes of this art form by bringing it to the masses. Waterdeep proved to be full of those who would tease and mock his art form. Perhaps the outlying villages would be more receptive. (While the people there are likely to be even less cultured than the Waterdhavians, they might not have such strong prejudices either.)

After the villages of the Dessarin Valley have been enlightened, Alrian can move on to more cities in the North, or go to enlighten the elves of the High Forest.

Died in the Temple of Black Earth to a bulette

Alrian Wohaine [Deceased]

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