A wood-elven cleric searching for his missing mentor


Deryll was orphaned just prior to adolescence. He was given shelter and guidance by a wood-elven priest named Alafar.
Alafar was planning to walk from Waterdeep to the High Forest, crossing the Dessarin Valley south of the Sumber Hills. About a month after he should have arrived, a note came from the elves of the High Forest, letting Deryll know that Alafar had never arrived.

Eventually, a note came to Red Larch, for Deryll, from Alafar. It said Alafar didn’t make it to the High Forest, instead being taken captive by the Iceshield Orcs. He was rescued by the Knights of Samular, sent a message back to Red Larch, and then continued to the High Forest. Alarar warns Deryll that the Iceshield orcs are set to rampage across the eastern valley, and they could do great harm to the people there. “Please try to help those villagers, and then come to the High Forest, and meet me at Shadowtop Cathedral.” Here he hopes to induct Deryll into the Emerald Enclave, and thus “gain strong allies in your efforts against the troubles of the Dessarin Valley”. “In the meantime, Haleeya will help you in Red Larch, and you can get messages to me from her.”


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