Lanner Popip [Deceased]

A bookish forest gnome in search of history


Lanner’s research has led him to believe that a mighty dwarven empire once flourished in the Dessarin Valley. This belief has drawn criticism from a number of sources, and his reputation in Waterdeep (and thus across the North) is in tatters. Only through the finding of direct evidence can he hope to salvage his standing as an eminent scholar and expert. (Given that Lanner always acts like an eminent scholar on expert on all matters, this would be helpful.)

Lanner believes that the gigantic, legendary Stone Bridge across the Dessarin is a remnant of this empire. If it could lead to more concrete evidence of a forgotten dwarven kingdom, then everyone, all those doubting idiots, would see that Lanner (brilliant, diligent Lanner) had been right all along!

Lanner died in the Temple of Black Earth

Lanner Popip [Deceased]

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