Sergor Marsk

A human wanderer wielding sword and spell


Sergor has been tasked with finding Deseyna Norvael, a Waterdhavian noble. The Norvael family knows Sergor can find things. The reward is very large.

Deseyna was last seen traveling in a delegation from Mirabar that was heading south from that city. Rumor has it that the delegation was attacked south of the Stone Bridge, and other clues suggested that at least a few of the survivors had ended up at Feathergale Spire.
A clue in the Spire referenced that Deseyna had been captured by the Cult of Howling Hatred.

In Redlarch, a dwarf named B that was a member of the delegation, says they were waylaid by bandits who turned out to be Earth cultists. Air cultists attacked and took Deseyna. B was found and rescued by the party prior to Sergor joining.

Sergor Marsk

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