Princes of the Apocalypse Wed Night

Session 001 Arrival in Red Larch
Of pickles, pugilism, and zombies

The party arrived in Red Larch to rumors of strange goings-on. They explored the village, took rooms at the Swinging Sword, and decided to explore Lance Rock. There was also rumor of a tunnel in the yard behind Waelvur’s Wagons.

The Village of Red Larch

The Swinging Sword tavern – Reputable, outdoor cooking grates, stables, caravans
- Kylesa Irckle owner; 8sp per night

Strange Tales; fog in hills, sudden gusts of hot winds, lightning storms, fell magic
Stone Bridge north of here is old. Red Larch is a newer city. South of town old rock structure (Lance Rock) that may be central to town troubles. Constable and town elders offering no help. 50gp if we can find something of interest. Constable is a butcher. They frequent The Helm. The Helm is across the road east and is more warrior oriented.

The Helm – taproom, rusty gates and covers on windows. Gruff. Constable Harbuck not there. Garlan is the barkeep. Kegmaster is heavy set, gruff. Red Larch has no direct leadership. Half Orc caravan guard decided to rest things out here, but knows little of the area. Confirms rumors of odd happenings. She came from north through Belliard.

Town walk – woodworkers north of The Helm. Larch Path northern 4 way has a small drinking bar. NE Larch Path leads to Sumber Hills and farmlands. Cairn Road eastern 4 way has large smithy. East out Cairn Road leads to farmlands. Cairn Road and Long Road cutoff has an arms shop and stables. South east open area is the caravan parking and market. A Half Orc stands by some vats. Pickle salesman is named “Pickles” sells for 1cp. Row of houses on cutoff are storage buildings for rent. The Long Road south is a butchery with Quarry west and sales at road intersection. Oddly shaped building is a chicken building. Live and roasted and pickled chickens for caravan meals. At intersection of Long Road, Cairn Path and Kheldell is the butcher where the Constable works the day shift with his wife.

Constable Harbuck tired and not interested in going out of town to clear areas. Possible bandit lair out Cairn Road on south of the roadside.

We meet a halfling at the fist fight that is drunk. He knows of a hidden tunnel at the back of his boss’ buisness. Wailver the wagonworks owner (not good one).

Laruth owns the tannery. Cleric of Tempus stopped by for 2 rounds.

The WagonWorks Secret Tunnel

Owned by Wilaver.

We head to Wagonworks for late night reconnaissance. Noise causes us to be discovered.

We Made Characters

Tripp patiently dealt with middle-aged computer ignorance as the players repeatedly mis-dragged items from the Library of information to their character sheets or failed to be able to locate file folders on their C: drives.

Creating character icons was particularly enjoyable. We discovered who had used their computers for fun stuff like painting, and who had only used their computeres to check their email and facebook. The latter was the majority.

Stef arrived late due to a previous engagement at the theater, dealing with actors even less competent at their activity than the players for this game. All the actors had to do was to memorize lines. Couldn’t even do that.

We added equipment and mysterious items from the GM were added to each character. One was a Petrified Mouse. I think I want that. A Tarot Card was given to Willowsmasher that looks just like him. I hope it is not the card for death.

[DM’s note: One of the players was very grouchy and decided to write some snarky notes to see if anyone every found them. One wonders if that player will realize the Notes list sorts alphabetically, and not by date of entry.]

Goblins on the Road

Two goblin bosses lead several goblins against us. I have noted the bosses are cruel to their charges, pulling lesser goblins in front of themselves to block carefully aimed attacks. However, when the smaller goblins are cut down by the brutish Rawr, the bosses have little recourse but to perish.

Now to explain the nuances of this combat to these new troupe members, and help them select their performance skill to support entertaining those we come upon.

Fraggle Rock
The Lance Rock

In the town we learn that a nearby rocky location contains a possible cave infested with some creatures threatening the town. Investigating, we located Lance Rock, heretofore dubbed ’Fraggle Rock" and we delve inside. There is a warning that if we come inside, we will be infected.

We ignore that.

Inside we found the Lord of Fraggle Rock and kill his minions.

_Bare grey rock jutting out at 60 degree angle. It is grey granite.

The Lord of Lancerock has a sign warning off visitors who may catch his plague. This is in a nearby ravine.

We enter a cave and find a body, which turns out to be a zombie! We kill it.

There is a large chamber with a flat boulder inside. Two zombies wait in ambush from above and drop a box on us. We avoid!

We then kill the two zombies.

There is a room with amarked rock, stained with dried blood. To the north is a room with old weapons and maybe some target dummies. I investigate. They turn out to be skeletons! We kill 3 skeletons. The armor and weapons are ruined.

We find a craggy room. It has 3 undead dressed as actors. We kill them.

A little further south we find a large room with the Lord of Fraggle Rock and his undead horde. The Lord runs away as we slay his evil minions. I am dropped by a wicked zombie smash to my solar plexus. Then Rawr falls. Uh oh. Willowsmasher runs forward and heals Rawr to keep us fighting. Then slashes a whole group of undead as if he is a frontline fighter.

Olioth, the Lord of Fraggle Rock, hides in a room with a large hand that has an inverted ziggurat and an eye on it. He says it is watching us, but we do not see anything. We see him hiding, so we kill him. We steal his stuff and discover new abilities (level up)._

Investigating the Wagonworks

“The workshop is a cluttered, untidy shed surrounded by dozens of wagons shrouded in worn canvas tarpaulins. A crudely hand-lettered sign over the wide main door proclaims this to be “Waelvurs Wagonworks.”

We sneak up to view the tunnel. I have some challenges upon losing the rest of the party as they hide, causing me to become anxious and paranoid.

Lanner suddenly sprouts a weasel. That makes everyone uncomfortable. The critter has an odd attitude as well. I’ll probably kill it later, as it is likely possessed.

There is a cellar door that is closed with stuff stacked on it. We are close to it. So we use Rawr as a catapult to help us into the yard.

Rawr opens the cellar door with a creak. There are steps into the earth. We enter the Tomb of Moving Stones!

The Constable Gives Us Bandits

The Constable tells us there are bandits to the SE on the Cairn road. We decide to lend our considerable aid to his problem. Also, we still need 380XP.

There is a dell in front of a cave entrance with surly rogues about it. There is also a dancing bear in a cage. Actually, we assume it must be a dancing a bear. What other kinds of bears are there? I hope it puts on a show for us.

The bandits try to jump us, but we kill them as they are putting on their pants.

On The Way To Red Larch After Bandits

It’s been a pretty good morning. What would make it better is a random encounter on the way back to Red Larch…

Your Wish Is Granted!

Near the city we come upon strange creatures called Hurricanes. I decide to name them Rita, Sam, and Tina.

These men appear to be some kind of magically enhanced cultists of Air. They want us to surrender to them so they can probably do some kind of kinky air thing to us in private. That doesn’t seem like a good idea to anyone. After a short consultation, we decide to see if they bleed.

Turns out that they do! Rawr makes them bleed faster than they can stop bleeding. Most fall quickly after they start blowing us, which is really strange because that’s usually a good thing. In this case, it is NOT enjoyable.

When the last one forgets to run away, I grapple it so Rawr can knock it unconcious. Time to loot and then we will question the unlucky cultist after the goodies are put away.

Back in Red Larch with the Air Cultist

The odd Air Cultist is slung over the strong shoulder of Rawr and we return to Red Larch.
The Constable takes the prisoner and tells us that a caravan from Mirabar has been taken captive. We should inquire at the Inn for specifics. It is a trade delegation.

Content Not Found: kaylesa introduces to a male elf who may know something. Brother Eardon, of Lathander, God of the Dawn. He saw the delegation in Beliard 20 days ago. They were headed to Summit Hall to conduct a burial, then to go further south. He heard from a passing caravan through Red Larch that the delegation disappeared.

Across the street to the Helm, Rawr investigates a female half-orc who may know something. She heard from wagonmasters at market place.

Wagonmaster heard from travellers that the Mirabaran trade delegation did not arrive at Summit Hall. Someone in the wagonmaster’s crew eyes Yunari and she thinks they might have more information. She knows someone who is in the Harpers and there was a reknown Drawf in the trade delegation who was taking manuscripts to Womford. The Harpers were caring for the transfer of the manuscript, and they are a group interested in watching out for freedoms. They are scattered network of spies and spellcasters who oppose the abuse of power.

If we find something out, send a runner toward Amphail on the information.
Brother Eardon knows a bit about the Harpers. There are plenty of people who support them. They are interested in making sure freedom and equality reign. Eardon knows nothing about the elemental symbols. Kaylesa recommends we check with the tradesmen in town.

We discover that the delegation was 4 and that one of the townsmen saw them recently. He offers to take us to where he last saw them.

Eldron the blacksmith and his wife heard the delegation is missing. She feels life is darkened by such matters. She does not wish to speak on the matter.

At Ironhead Arms, the Half-Orc Ironhead trades with us to purchase our gathered swords. Ironhead heard about the Miribarans were lost and knew the delegation was strong. Nothing else.

At Vallivoes Sundries, we meet Endreth Vallivoe. He sells sundry goods. He heard that one of the Mandever kids saw a ghost near town. About the trade delegation, he saw a merchant come through town that sold him a book written in Dwarvish. We think it might be the Dwarven Emmissary’s manuscript that was being carried along. We buy it!

It is a geneology of the Dwarf Clans of Miribar. The author is recognized by Lanner. It is a Shield Dwarf historian named Bruldenthar. That is the same dwarf who was carrying the manuscripts! Vallivoes bought it from a peddler, who bought it from a keelboat captain in Womford. The captain supposedly had a dozen other manuscripts.

We question the Hurricane: He is a member of the Cult of Howling Hatred. He was going to make us servants to their cult. He knows of the Earth cultists, from the Cult of Black Earth. He will not tell us the cult location, but says the Lady Aerisi would not forgive him. This, even after we threaten him with Rawr sodomy. That means he is really a mental basket case completely indoctrinated by the Hurricanes.


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