Dessarin Valley

A large valley in the North, northeast of Waterdeep and southeast of Neverwinter.

It has a few villages and towns, and many farm and homesteads throughout. These began some 400-500 years ago, simultaneously with the growth of Waterdeep and Neverwinter.

Prior to this, the area was home to huge tribes of orcs and trolls, who in turn had displaced a now-lost martial order, the The Knights of the Silver Horn.

What lived there previously is unknown. However, some speculate it was once home to an ancient Dwarven empire (as evidenced by the Stone Bridge), perhaps as long as six thousand years ago.

A major geological feature of the valley are the Sumber Hills.

Scores of isolated homesteads are scattered across the Dessarin Valley. Not even lifelong residents of the Valley know exactly where all the outlying farms and ranches lie, and those traveling cross country might stumble across lonely farmhouses or outlying ranches anywhere.


Dessarin Valley

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