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What Evil Stirs in the Dessarin Valley?

Each of you is drawn to this land of natural beauty, ancient majesty and rising threat. Will you find here your glory or your doom? Will you find here the strength to save the world, or will you fall to the power which seeks to destroy it?

The party is attacked on the road to Red Larch by goblins, but manage to defeat them without too much trouble. Entering the small town, they learn a few rumors that might interest adventurers.
But Alrian first puts on a “display of pugilistic skill”, and instantly becoming a recognized favorite of the village. Deryll tries his luck as a pickle vendor.
The party investigates problems near the Lance Rock, and discovers a crazy necromancer who is beguiled in his madness by a strange sign:

Intrigued, but without further clues, the party returns to town. There the constable is having trouble with bandits on the road, and the party helpfully hunts them down and kills them (and their bear). On the way back, they are attacked by strange “air cultists”. (Ding)

Taking the air cultist’s strange suits, they go back to town and decide to follow up on a rumor about a nefarious wagon merchant. Sneaking into his yard, they discover a path to a hidden area below the town.

In the tunnels below town, they discover hints of an ancient dwarven kingdom in the Tomb of Moving Stones. They also find a strange cultist wearing armor of stone who has beguiled some hapless villagers. The cultist and villagers are defeated.

Uncovering this local plot, and being treated like heroes by the locals, the party learns of a missing delegation from the northern city of Mirabar. Anxious to examine the mystery, they follow rumors of some fresh graves. These seem to point to Feathergale Spire, and the party investigates.
They accept the hospitality of the leader there, Thurl Merosska, who invites them on a manticore hunt.
After the successful hunt, Merosska tells them of strange earth cultists working in the nearby hills. They learn only later that Merosska was using them as pawns.

The party soon discovers the Sacred Stone Monastery, and several incursions lead to the rooting out the earth-worshipping monks, their leaders, and a hobbled umberhulk. But Yunari fell to some gargoyles and a minotaur.
Subsequent investigations found some prisoners (who were released and returned to Red Larch), as well as some ancient stairs to a lower level.

Unwisely following these stairs, they entered the much more dangerous Temple of Black Earth, were a series of cultists and their bulette allies proved too much for the party, and Alrian, Lanner and Rawr all met their fates.

The survivors (Deryll and Willowsmasher) regrouped at Red Larch, finding new companions and rumors of some missing books in Womford. Following these rumors, the party encountered some river pirates and followed their trail to Rivergard Keep.

Rivergard is then assaulted and overrun by Deryll, Willowsmasher, Wonky, Baern and Rawrly. A wereboar gives them some trouble, but they are soon setting up shop, measuring for curtains, beating back water-cultist counter attacks and planning to investigate the mysterious stream below the Keep.

After saving the captives, recruiting some security, and realizing they were out of money, the examined the stream beneath the Keep and found it led to the Temple of the Crushing Wave. A long foray led them to meet and defeat Gar Shatterkeel, leader of the Water Temple. Wounded, but flushed with victory, they agreed to give the trident “Drown” to the sea hag Thuluna Maah in return for safe passage out of the Temple.

Resting, they then by-passed the Temple of the Crushing Wave, and discovered the Temple of Howling Hatred. Much mayhem ensued as they killed cultist and kenku, warriors and wyverns. They soon discovered the cult leader, Aerisi Kalinoth, and defeated her. Unfortunately, they then lost Willowsmasher to a lightning bolt as they cleared the last defenders.

Once the Air Temple was cleared, they continued even further below, down the skeleton of a purple worm, to another level. This seem to be the home of the Temple of the Elder Elemental Eye, and was a battleground between the four elemental cults. At the shrine of the Elder Elemental Eye, they defeated the Earth Prophet, a medusa by the name of Marlos Unrayle.
They also learned (from a dominated air elemental) that below this level (known as the Fane of the Eye), there were four elemental nodes, where the various Prophets were struggling to call forces the Princes of Elemental Evil, and thus wreak destruction upon the world.

Pleased with their progress, they retreated to Rivergard Keep to find that the place had been attacked by air cultists from Feathergale Spire. Some of their mercenaries had been killed and three kidnapped. The leader of the Silvergreaves, Targrem, says his men won’t stay if their comrades are captive, so the party agrees to go free them.

Traveling through the Temple of the Crushing Wave (where they see furtive lizard men hiding in the dark), and through the Temple of Howling Hatred (which remains barren), they emerge in the Sighing Valley, and make their way to the base of Feathergale Spire.

Entering through the stables, they rampage up the entire 400 feet of tower, killing all in their wake. At the top, they defeat Thurl Merosska and all but two of his knights. These last retreated to the stables, but were chased by the party, and the leaping Rawrly and Wonky, who turned a 400-ft fall into a series of smaller falls using an immovable rod.

Flush with victory, but exhausted otherwise, they decide to return to Rivergard Keep to rest. Unfortunately, they are woken by Baern’s transformation into a wearboar, and have to spend a few days cleaning up the lycanthropy issue.

After that, they learn that there is work to be had the Bargewright Inn and go to speak with Nalaskur Thaelond, the Innkeeper. He says if they can deliver a sword to Yartar, he will get them a deal on the masons who will repair Rivergard Keep. The party plans head to Red Larch to communicate with Deryll’s mentor Alafar, check out the rumors of Druids of the Scarlet Moon Hall, and then head north to meet a boat at the Stone Bridge.

In the event, they travel to Red Larch, hear more rumors of trouble for Nettlebee Ranch, and decide to add that their itinerary. But first they must investigate Sacred Moon Hall, which turns out to be a front for the Temple of Eternal Flame. A massive battle erupts on the hilltop next to the Wicker Man, and then they assault the tower, killing the cult under-boss and finding a tunnel leading into the earth.

Leaving the tunnel for later, they continue on their mission to Yartar, but stop by Nettlebee Ranch. They find the Nettlebee clan of halflings troubled by a “fire witch” seemingly haunting a near by barrow. They enter the desecrated barrow, are betrayed by Wiggan and Bertram Nettlebee, but escape and help the spirit Javor find vengeance.

Continuing on to Yartar, the party has Rawrly fight some bums, arranges a meeting with the Waterbaron, delivers the sword, and is asked to recruit the Knights of Samular to the Lord’s Alliance

The party heads south to meet the Knights, and gains a side-quest to their side-quest: Find the long-undead brother of Samular Caradoon: Renwick Caradoon, who is rumored to be a lich living in these parts. Divination leads to Sacred Stone Monastery where Renwick is found living in the walled-off portion. He is convinced to part with some family heirlooms, and the party returns those to the Knights.

There is much rejoicing, and a feast is held. Wonky McTwiddlefart uses this as an opportunity to attempt to re-steal his family’s heirloom washbasin. Hi-jinks ensue, and his plan is thwarted by the all-seeing eyes of the gods. However, the Knights remain happy (except Ushien Stormbanner, the leader with Wonky) and offer to take care of the Ice Shield Orcs, take word to Alafar in the High Forest, and to occupy Feathergale Spire to protect against the return of the Air Cult.

These problems solved, the party returns to base, rechristens Rivergard Keep to “Rivermoist Keep”, and returns to the Temple of the Crushing Wave, looking for Theluna Ma and the trident “Drown”. They learn she has retreated to the Plunging Torrents to commune with Olhydra.

In searching further, they find a path to the Temple of Black Earth, and also the Temple of Eternal Flame. They spend a few days underground clearing the Earth Temple by force and then move on to the Fire Temple, this time using magical subterfuge.

A gaes spell has fire-cult-underboss Lysandra leading the party to Vanifer, the leader of the Cult of Eternal Flame in the Weeping Colossus, the fire node. The party attempts an ambush on Vanifer, but the fight soon turns into a fiery debacle. Baern, Deryll and Rawrly are all knocked unconscious, and are unaware of Wonky’s fate.

They awake in a fiery prison.

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