Rumors and Quests

1. Wonky McTwiddlefarts has joined the Fire Cult. The Fire Cult is now led by the red dragon Halinaxus. It has the elemental weapon of fire (a daggercalled Tinderstrike). the air weapon Windvane, and the earth weapon, Ironfang.

2. Rukh the gnome explorer said to come to Amphail to meet with him, or make contact with the Harpers.

3. The Air Temple is defeated, but not its elemental node, The Howling Caves

4. The Earth Temple is defeated, but not its elemental node, The Black Geode


*h2. The party wants to “renegotiate” the deal with Theluna Ma, and perhaps reclaim the magical trident “Drown” from her. Theluna Ma has retreated to the elemental node of water, called the Plunging Torrents. [They found her, killed her, and have Drown.]

  • The Nettlebee Clan of halflings is being tormented by a Fire Witch. They live just north and east of Westbridge. Well respected drovers, the family could use some help. Wiggan and Betram had set a trap, seeking vengeance for the Cult of Black Earth.
  • Scarlet Moon Hall, and the Druids of the Circle of the Scarlet Moon, turned out to be Fire Cultists! There is a tunnel leading down from the rubble at the base of the tower.

*Deryll’s mentor Alafar says the eastern part of the Valley is at risk from the Iceshield Orcs, and that Deryll should protect the homesteaders in the regioncome to the High Forest and become a member of the Emerald Enclave. The Knights of Samular have agreed to help with this problem and try to bring work to Alafar on Deryll’s behalf.

*Waterbaron Nestra Ruthiol wants the Knights of Samular recruited to the Lord’s Alliance. To this end, she’s asked you to approach the leader of the Knights at Summit Hall and ask her to come to Yartar to receive a “valuable gift”, [which you took to mean the delivered sword].

Rumors and Quests

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