The Missing Delegation

Two tendays ago (13 Tarsakh), an important delegation from the city of Mirabar disappeared in the Sumber Hills.

The delegation traveled overland from Westbridge to Beliard, crossing the Stone Bridge. From Beliard it headed south into the Sumber Hills, bound for Summit Hall. Earth cultists attacked the group a few miles from Summit Hall, slaying most of their guards. The cultists took prisoners back to the Sacred Stone Monastery, paying river pirates for the use of their riverboats to cross the Dessarin River, which is how Bruldenthar’s books ended up in Womford. On their way back to their base, the earth cultists skirmished with bandits riding on giant vultures, which accounts for the shallow graves seen near the Feathergale Spire.
After their arrival at the Sacred Stone Monastery, some of the delegation members were put to work in the mines. Others were sent down to the Temple of the Black Earth.

Members of the Delegation:
Bruldenthar: Dwarven sage whose books were used to pay the river pirates and ended up for sale in Womford. He was rescued by the party in the Sacred Stone Monastery and has asked the heroes to keep looking for the missing members.

Deseyna Norvael: Taken by vulture-riding bandits before Bruldenthar reached Sacred Stone Monastery.

Rhundorth: Taken to the Temple of Black Earth below the Sacred Stone Monastery.

Teresiel: Taken to Temple of Black Earth below the Sacred Stone Monastery.

The Missing Delegation

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